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The importance of the country of birth

The country of birth is an important factor to win the GreenCard Lottery. Some countries are not allowed to participate at the lottery. Exclusion criteria are political reasons and a possibly too high immigration rate.

If 50 000 or more people have legally entered in the USA in the last five years, the country will be excluded from the GreenCard Lottery. It makes sense to often check our page, cause the approved countries change every year. The nationality plays not a big role, but the country of birth must be approved.

It should also be noted that the nationality of the GreenCard lottery is of little importance. The rules of the Green Card raffle only provide for assigning the Green Card to the country of birth within the current limits.

My country is excluded. Are there any alternatives or exceptions?

Of course, there are exceptions here as well. If you were born in one of the exclusion countries but still want to participate in the GreenCard lottery, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

The spouse of the applicant must be born in one of the currently eligible countries
If the parents are in one of the prohibited countries for a short time only at the time the applicant is born, participation in the GreenCard Lottery is nevertheless permitted. Short-term stays include, for example, business or school stays.

f you are affected by these cases, you can specify the country of birth of the partner or your parents under "Native Country". If you are not sure, we are happy to help. For us it is paramount to help potential emigrants on their way under their arms and to answer as many questions as possible.

The following countries are excluded from the GreenCard lottery:

Bangladesh, Brazil, Mainland China, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) and associated territories, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Persons born in Hong Kong (SAR), Macao and Taiwan are fully entitled to participate in the lottery.

What applies to the educational requirements?

Participation in the GreenCard lottery is possible if ...

... you have a degree that complies with U.S. High School Diploma is on a par. For German participants, this means having at least a secondary school diploma. Foreigners should be able to borne a 12-year school education. This is due to the fact that high school in the US takes about 12 years. The aim of the authorities is to fulfill the "minimum level" of education in the United States.

... you have been working for at least two years in a job requiring at least two years of training or induction time over the last five years. The conclusion of an apprenticeship is not absolutely necessary. In the USA, there is no classical education, which is why a completed teaching is not a must.

All applicants who do not meet one of these requirements are unfortunately excluded from the lottery.

If you are not sure, we are of course also here to help. If the chances of taking part in the GreenCard lottery are really dwindling, you can still apply for ESTA. Optionally, you also have the option of obtaining a longer US visa. Of course, we will solve all possible options together with you and will always be there to assist you with our expertise.

How old do you have to be to participate in the GreenCard lottery?

From a legal point of view, there is no minimum age. However, experience has shown that applying for a job under the age of 16 makes little sense. Participants under the age of 16 have in most cases not yet achieved a sufficient educational qualification and would therefore be automatically excluded from participating in the GreenCard Lottery.

What information do I have to do when registering?

The great thing is that the registration for the GreenCard lottery is online and completely non-binding. On the registration form, you will be asked to provide personal information such as name, date of birth, date of birth and graduation. In addition, you must add individual photos of yourself and each individual family member.


She employs many emigrants: the language. But especially when emigrating to the US, the questions about the English language skills come up again and again. But we can reassure you: When signing up for the GreenCard lottery, you do not need to have or have any special language skills!

Many GreenCard winners have registered for the lottery without even speaking one word of English - meanwhile, all of them have successfully emigrated to the US and speak fluent English. Nevertheless, a certain basic knowledge of the language is recommended. Take a look at the reviews of our GreenCard winner! You will not believe how many emigrants went to the US without fluency in English. Of course, all emigrants speak naturally at mother tongue level.


You do not need to provide any information about financial reserves when registering. Such sensitive information is only demanded in the actual case of a profit. After all, data protection comes first with us as well as with the American authorities. Incidentally, this does not only apply to financial matters, but also to data of all kinds.

Why is there a GreenCard lottery?

Once a year, interested parties can apply via the US authorities exclusively online. However, you can register with us throughout the year. We review your application and send it to the US authorities at the appropriate time. The chance of winning is the same every time. If you do not win at the first participation, it is worth taking part in the second raffle in any case.

Registration for the GreenCard lottery via the US authorities takes place once a year and has been possible exclusively online since 2003. The Greencard Service gives you the opportunity to register year-round, keep your data up-to-date for the application, and review it before submitting it to the US Authorities. The chance to win exists from the first participation. But luck can sometimes take a few years to come. Since the GreenCard lottery takes place only once a year, it is important to take every opportunity and not to miss the registration deadline for participation.

We make sure that it does not get that far - so the best prospects for a successful GreenCard lottery are secured!

Please note the strict requirements that are placed on the applicants. Once the immigration quota is exhausted, some countries are also excluded from the lottery. These countries include Mexico, China and the Philippines.

In order to make the competition fair, it may well be that countries with low chances to get back on the list and have chances on GreenCards. This has happened in the past on one occasion or another. Poland and Ecuador were removed from the list of restricted countries two years ago. As countries change constantly, it is worthwhile gathering information about the current exclusion countries.