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This is how you receive the GreenCard

The GreenCard lottery has a long tradition. It has been held annually since 1994 and brings many participants closer to the "American Dream". We already count more than one million participants!

The registration is only a small step - what comes next? There is a lot of time between winning notice and emigration. Time that should be used to organize some things. What exactly you should do until you emigrate to the US, you can find out here.

Of course we wish you luck in the draw. The path from sign up to winning the green card could look like this:

1. Registration for the GreenCard lottery
Potential buyers can register for the lottery online or by mail the whole year round. The final transmission of applications to the US authorities is usually between October and November. Within these four weeks, applicants from all over the world can sign up for the GreenCard lottery with the US authorities.

In our house, the applications are carefully checked throughout the year. If you have questions or corrections, we will of course consult with you. Within the legal deadline, we submit your documents to the US authorities. We do not disqualify due to form errors - we ensure a correct participation in the draw. You will receive feedback by e-mail. This is an official certificate of the US authorities, which we deposit for you in your customer account. The certificate confirms your participation in the GreenCard lottery. The first step would be done! Now keep your fingers crossed.

2. Draw the GreenCard lottery
Just over half a year after the documents have been forwarded to the US authorities, the winners will be determined. This usually takes place between May and June of the next year and of course only by chance. In order to ensure the necessary transparency, each participant will be personally informed about the outcome of the GreenCard lottery. Of course, the individual result will also be communicated to you in this context. This notification will be made in writing and as soon as possible - after all, we do not want to leave you in ignorance. Unfortunately, only a very small number of participants ultimately win the GreenCard. However, if you're feeling left out, that should not be a reason to give up. Experience has shown that it pays to regularly participate in the GreenCard lottery! At some point, luck is on your side. You do not dare how many years our winners have already applied for a GreenCard. At some point your moment will come and you have won one of the most sought after documents on this planet.

3. Transmission of profit documents
If you have made it to here, we can already congratulate you! You have the necessary luck for a successful emigration - step one with the GreenCard is already (almost) done. But now it's time to get down to business:

After the winning notification, you will receive the official documents of the U.S. State Departments by mail. These are sent to you in the original!

This includes, among other things, a bulging winner's folder with all sorts of information. You should pay special attention to the German filling instructions. If you have questions or ambiguities, we are of course always at your disposal with professional advice. That's important, after all, you should not make a mistake here. A small misstep can already mean leaving the GreenCard.

4. Apply for the Green Card
You must apply for the GreenCard online using the DS-260 form. Here you have to provide personal information. It is important that you fill out this form within a few weeks and submit it - only then can you confirm your GreenCard profit! The form must be filled out carefully for each family member.

The appropriate authority in the US will then continue to process your request. If you have opted for our best rate, we will take care of all the application steps for you.

5. Invitation to the US Consulate
Depending on how quickly you submit the DS-260 form, you will be invited to the US Consulate. Today, most processes in the GreenCard process are handled by e-mail. Therefore, it is important that you regularly check your e-mail inbox!

You can calculate with the invitation until about ten months after sending the form.

The consulate is always located in their home country. In Germany, the American Consulate is based in Frankfurt. If you are not from Germany, please inform yourself about the location of the US Consulate in your country!

6. Activation trip to the USA

After the invitation and some personal talks at the consulate, you must travel to the US for the first time in six months. From the time of the first entry the time of the GreenCard is running. At the first visit, all personal details are recorded at the airport. In addition, you will receive a stamp that acts as a transition GreenCard. This is the same as a normal green card and is for the period until your original green card is ready.

The first trip does not necessarily have to be the emigration directly. This is not recommended. Much more it makes sense to collect with this trip already first impressions and to make holidays in the United States. Maybe you already know in which state you want to emigrate?

7. Receipt of the GreenCard

It may take up to half a year after the first trip until the GreenCard is shipped to the address you have specified in the US.

Attention: You can only enter one address within the USA. The American authorities send important documents only within the states. If you have no way of receiving the documents, you are welcome to use one of our contact persons. For a small fee we accept your documents and send them to your current home address.

Then you can enter with all documents once and for all in the US - then maybe even as an emigrant ...